Who is Lies Vink

I am Lies Vink, 72 year young. In 1999, at the first possible opportunity after my retirement I left to go abroad and make my dreams come true. I started a journey on foot to Santiago de Compostella which served as a bridging period between life with a job, which I quite enjoyed, and a free life in which you have time to yourself.
After that I went backpacking through Asia, partly because I had always wanted to do that, and partly with the goal to make myself useful to people in need. There was plenty to do. I didn’t have to look for it; it came to me itself. After working in Calcutta with the very poorest people of the world and in a home for street children in Kathmandu in Nepal, my heart went out to the latter. Young children, girls and boys, some only two years old: it touched me in my heart and made me want to help them 100%.
In Shangrila-Home, a Belgian project, I worked for five months and saw that the children needed more that just shelter, schooling and food. I set myself the task to make sure that the ‘more’ would come. Again I left the Netherlands for a trip on foot, this time to Assisi in Italy, in the footsteps of Francis, a monk who served the poorest people. Many sponsors supported me in my trip and I raised 70,000 guilders.
With this money I could realise my plans: take more children off the street and start projects for them in Shangrila Home which had grown larger. Now, eight year later, more than 75 children live there.
Information on all projects (Shangrila Home and others) can be found on this website.

A warm Namaste Lies Vink