Voluntary Work

Marinka Home is a home for children that have lived on the streets. The children have a secure life with us and we give them the best care we can. Together with our permanent Nepalese team we can always use volunteers. Caring for and playing with children requires love and attention. This system works all over the world. 



1.     Help the children with general hygiene; brushing teeth, washing hands, ect.
2.     Help the children keep their rooms, clothes, and boxes in order.
3.     Bring the children to school and pick them up from school.
4.     Help with homework.
5.     Play with the children.
6.     Enjoy giving love and attention to the children.
7.     We ask that you work with the children for at least two months
8.     Have an interview with Lies Vink 


What we offer

1.       We offer a place to stay.
2.       We offer free meals in Marinka Home.
3.       A lot of love from the children. 


If you have questions or if you are interested in working in Marinka Home contact Lies Vink.