Shangrila Home

Shangrila Home gave me the inspiration to develop more projects (and to give more financial aid). I have learned a lot from the people who set up this home. Every time I visit Shangrila Home I feel love and trust among the children. I know many of them from the time they were babies. The children often call me “godmother of all”!
Have a look at the information about Shangrila Home, perhaps you would like to sponsor a child.
Sewing Class
The sewing class is especially important to the older children. Girls and boys learn how to make and to repair clothes (and some of the little girls make clothes for their dolls). Other articles such as bags and book covers are made in this class. These articles are often sold in the Netherlands and the money is used to support the sewing class.
Computer Project
Every day many children use the computers. The older children have had computer instruction and now they give instruction to the younger children. Today one of the boys has a job in the Information and Computer Technology with the man from whom I have bought the computers.

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Wim De Becker, a Belgian, has been living in Nepal since 2002. He became the manager of Shangrila Home in October 2006.

We are glad to have Dinesh back with us. Before he came back he was in Korea.

Prakash spent most of his growing up years in Shangrila Home. His family lived in the same area (Baluwatar) as the former location of our children's home. He went to the same school as our children and often came to Shangrila Home for visit. His home situation was not good and he asked if he could live in Shangrila Home. His wish was granted. He continued tot go to school, got his diploma and then went to college. He is now a social worker in Shangrila Home.

Meena was a washerwoman (laundress) and is now a sewing teacher. She heads our sewing class.