School in Gharamsi

Gharamsi is a place (3000 meters high) in the Anapurna Mountain Range near Pokhara.  I visited Gharamsi during one of my trekkings. Tourists never come here because it is far from the normal trekking route. I was amazing to see how a Group of teachers were ginging the children an education. There was almost no paper and five children had to share once pen! Because there was no blackboard and no chalk, one of the teachers was writing numbers in the sand. And yet, they had built the school up to and including class five. The biggest wishes of the head of the school were to have class six and to have more children attend the school. Our foundation now supports this school yearly. It’s wonderful to know that more children have the opportunity to learn. After visiting the school in Decmber 2009, we know there are 25 children going to this school.