Marinka Children Home

During the first months of 2008 when I was back in Nepal I was daily confronted with homeless children who were living in terrible circumstances. My wish to help them became stronger. First of all I gave them food every morning end every evening. They were all so young; sniffing glue and sleeping on the streets. After making inquiries I realized there was no place for them. All of the shelters and children homes were full. There are other shelters in Kathmandu but they are too far away for these children. After watching a fight between these children and drunken women over a stinking, dirty blanket, I knew I had to do something. That night I wrote down a help plan. Fortunately I know many qualified people in Nepal who would gladly take the responsibility of running a children home. Within a week Marinka Children Home was ready. The first children were six boys followed by three girls. They are now all going to school. I have hope for a good future for these children with the help of your financial support.




Lies Vink

The general management is run by Lies Vink. She goes to Nepal twice a year to work for a couple of months.


The daily management of Marinka Children Home is in good hands with Temba. He grew up in Shangrila Home and when he was older he helped to take care of the younger children. Temba has a high school education. He is a good organizer. He takes care of the finances under the direction of Lies Vink and Wim de Becker.

Ramesh, from the time he was ten years old, grew up in Shangrila Home. He is deaf and dumb. He went to elementary school and then to a cooking school. He is now the Super Cook in Marinka Children Home. He is very good at lip reading.

Sabita helps the children to look their best. She takes care of their clothes. She also helps with the cooking.

Bimala is our cleaning lady and the comic relief in our house. She came from the Carpet Factory and is now living at Marinka Children Home with her two children.



Nimha is a social worker.


Martine Sherpa-Kok
Martine was the superintendent of Marinka Children Home. All of the children adore her and it is always fun when she comes. If necessary we can always count on her.